Live a Holy Life

How can I live a holy life?  It’s not easy.  Ok that’s not even accurate.  It’s IMPOSSIBLE.  Anyone who takes an honest look at God’s law and walks away with any other idea than it’s IMPOSSIBLE, is either lying or they were looking at the wrong thing.  The sermon on the mount is meant to be CRUSHING!  You mean the thoughts in my head are sinful?  How am I supposed to control those??  The truth is – you can’t – not all the time.  This is why we need Jesus.  We took a little detour from the Savior’s sermon to look at King David’s disaster with Bathsheba.

It may be difficult to jump into David’s shoes, but I want you to try.  I think we can all relate to verse one, you may not think so at first but hear me out.  David had been on the run for years.  He was a wanted, hunted man.  Now everything was in order.  Israel’s nations were being forced into submission.  David decided to take this spring off – a little R &R. 1In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war, David sent Joab out with the king’s men and the whole Israelite army. They destroyed the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah. But David remained in Jerusalem.

David was supposed to be leading the troops into battle.  Instead he was back in Jerusalem, bored.  One night he can’t sleep and he sits down to check his email…  he surfs through the channels to see what’s on TV…  he picks up a book or magazine to read…  he goes for a walk on his roof…  so far so good right?  There is nothing wrong with email, books, TV, or midnight strolls.

As he clicks away, a racy page comes on the screen and he feels compelled to keep clicking…  as he channel surfs he stops to watch a show for mature audiences…  the book or magazine he picks up to read really should never have been purchased but he kept reading…  as he strolls on his palace roof his eye surveys the capital city of Jerusalem.  He sees a beautiful woman enjoying her bath on a warm spring night; he should really look away, but he doesn’t…

Conquerors Through Christ is a great resource to resist, reject, and recover from sexual sins.  Myself, child, spouse was looking at porn.  What do I do?!  Don’t hide it.  We’re talking about it now – not because it’s good but because it’s everywhere and God’s people need help.  Pornography is destructive for ALL parties involved, those who make and those who consume it.  There is no safe pornography.  Confess those sins and find forgiveness in Jesus.  That’s what the rest of this sermon is about!  Figure out a way to resist those temptation in the future.

There are more resources on the topic of living together before marriage. BUT before you look at these studies know that the ONLY God please avenue for sex is in a marriage between a man and a woman.  Every other coupling is sinful – is not God’s plan for your life – no matter what society tells you. HERE is a terrible example from the site  HERE is a more measured one from

Want to hear more about God’s amazing grace on the topic of sexuality and sexual sins?  Watch this week’s message taken from 2 Samuel 11 – Live a Holy Life.

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