No Fear in Death

Is it possible to have no fear in death?  The short answer is yes, but how does a person get to that point?  In the 15th chapter of the Apostle Paul’s first letter to the Christians in Corinth he waxes about the resurrection.  That is the ultimate cure for a fear of death.

Before we get there, it can be helpful to look at fear itself.  Take an odd fear – alektorophobia – the fear of chickens.  There are numerous other fears, pretty much everything you can imagine.  This one will do for now.  One website suggested a three step process to defeating your fear.

First develop an accurate perception.  Second, believe in yourself.  Finally, surrender the outcome.  When it comes to chickens – this isn’t so bad.  Chickens aren’t blood thirsty creatures that threaten humanity.  Most everyone can stand up to chickens.  Finally, what’s the worst thing a chicken can do?  Peck you?

This works for many fears, but let’s get back to the topic appointed for our Easter study.  How can we have no fear in death?

For that the only cure is an empty tomb.  Even that doesn’t really make sense immediately.  If you read the gospel accounts of the resurrection, the disciples were still afraid on that first Easter Sunday.  They saw that Jesus was alive!  It didn’t sink in what that enormous truth meant for them and the whole world.

Because Jesus lives, death has lost.  Don’t think of a loss where both sides can claim that a few blows were given.  The Bible talks about death being swallowed up completely.  Just how completely?  Try throwing a rock into your favorite ocean, lake or pond.  There is nothing left after you throw that rock.  The water ripples a little and then… it’s gone.

That’s all that’s left from death!  Want to hear more?  …including how Jesus took the sting of death away on the cross?  Watch this year’s Easter message: No Fear in Death.