No Fear in Freedom

There is no fear in freedom.  Of course, you say!  How could there be?  Freedom is a wonderful way that we can choose to do anything we want!.  What’s better than complete freedom of choice?  What’s better than complete freedom of choice is choosing to do what God wants us to do.

That might grind on our freedom loving ears, but it’s true!  Don’t believe me?  Check out this story from a number of years ago.  How great is freedom?  Are you like a ship floating about on the ocean with no where to go, nothing to do!  These vessels become rat infested and dangerous.  Are you like one of these ships, floating to wherever your sinful heart would take you?  God has not called us to a faith of floating around, satisfying one sinful appetite after another.  Rather, we are called to serve our Lord!

True freedom is doing what God wants me to do.  There is no fear in freedom.  We have a goal, a purpose.  That is the complete opposite of being set adrift.  We live not for ourselves, but for him who died for us and was raised again.  We have value – God died for you and me.  We are worth something.  True freedom is doing what God wants me to do – in other words I am free to follow God’s will for my life, before I was a Christian, that wasn’t an option.  I had to follow the desires of my sinful nature.  I was trapped.  But in Christ I am free.  All of us are.

I started the sermon talking about not always getting a good night’s sleep.  I hope this sermon didn’t put you to sleep, but I pray that tonight God grants you blissful rest.  You have nothing to worry about.  Your sins are forgiven, your guilt has been taken away.  He doesn’t stop there.  God gives your life direction.  Yes, you can live not for yourself, but for Jesus.  That’s true freedom.  That’s the gift of our Risen Savior.  Easter means No Fear.