Palm Sunday

It’s Palm Sunday 2020!  What did you do to celebrate?  What’s that?  Nothing?!  I have to say that while I enjoy Palm Sunday, I totally understand if it’s not a very important day on your calendar.  There aren’t Palm Sunday cakes and parties.  The Palm Sunday Squirrel won’t bring you a branch (ok, I just made that one up).  Palm Sunday is lost to many because it’s a marker for the most important week of the year for Christians.

It’s Holy Week officially, but the recent events seem to have robbed some of the buzz around this festival week.  The days will still come and go like every other year, but what we can do will be very different.  I want to submit to you that it’s not all bad.  Easter for kids is a powerful way to meet families who are looking for a fun safe kid activity, but our food pantry helped 14 families this Sunday.  That’s not a waste of time.  It communicates the love of our Savior and it might open the door for the powerful message of the resurrection.

Before we go too far down the calendar to Easter, allow me to spend a little more time on Palm Sunday 2020.  Of all the Sundays of the church year Palm Sunday is one of two days we get to see Jesus praised for who he is by the masses.  I spend some time in the message talking about how his glory was hidden in that “Hosanna!”  But it was only Christmas when angels heralded his birth to a few shepherds and Palm Sunday when – just once – it was satisfying to see Jesus treated like a king!  In the Gospel of Matthew the people of Jerusalem seemed to think he was a prophet, not God, but this goes back to his veiled glory.

Want to hear more?  Watch this Sunday’s message taken from Matthew 21.

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