Public Endorsement

A public endorsement can be an important thing if you have a new product.  Maybe it’s a very common item like French fries.  Then a public endorsement from an entertainer or professional can make the difference! Maybe you have a great idea and you want to tell the world!  How would you go about doing that?  Do you have a jingle ready? We are still at the start of the Epiphany season.  The word Epiphany means reveal.  We’re starting a new sermon series – From the River to the Mountain.  The first stop is, in fact, the river Jordan.  Let’s wade into the waters and see what’s going on.

This is the 14th day of 2024.  How are those resolutions coming?  You know, the ones where you commit to eating healthy, flossing, getting more sleep.  Those are good, but for all the packed gyms on January 2nd.  How many are still full by the end of the month?

Researchers suggest that only 9% of Americans that make resolutions complete them. In fact, research goes on to show that 23% of people quit their resolution by the end of the first week, and 43% quit by the end of January.

I don’t bring this up to tell to give up now.  Just the opposite, don’t give up.  John’s call to repentance still stands today.  The Greek word for repentance, metanoia, means a complete 180’ turn.  It’s not just stop doing bad things; it’s stop doing bad things, and start the good!  So far in our text we have the what, but we don’t have the why – this is crucial.  The greatest agent for change the world has ever seen is Jesus.  Jesus is the why of your life.  He’s what makes everything matter. You need Jesus in the middle.  He is the reason we stop sinning.  He is the reason we change.  We’re forgiven so the pressure is off.  You’re not doing this resolution – give up smoking (did you know it’s bad for you?) – for yourself.  You’ll do it because Jesus wants you to take care of yourself.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s message taken from Mark 1 – Public Endorsement.