Sight for the Blind

Sight for the blind is more than a pair of glasses or contacts.  I’ve recently spoken with people who have had cataracts removed from and new lenses implanted in their eyes.  It’s amazing!  The difference is dramatic.

This is what the light looks like from verse 9 of our Ephesians 5 text (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth).  Greek is a descriptive language.  Goodness here means genuine moral excellence.  Righteousness, that is righteousness according to God.  Truth, you don’t make up your own truth.  There is truth, moral absolutes, right and wrong.  If you don’t know find out what pleases the Lord.

Maybe when you see God’s plan for our lives it looks kind of hard.  Just two commands, live and find out.  We can’t do the first very well and we don’t like to do the second.  But don’t write off God’s commands like some failed exercise routine.  God’s commands are different.  When God said to the new creation during the first week let there be… the plants didn’t struggle and to grow forth from the ground and then give up because it was too hard.  When Jesus told the crippled person to stand, he didn’t try his best and fall down.  When Jesus told the blind man to see or the mute to speak all of these people did so not because they figured it out, but because God worked in them a miracle.  When God makes a command to his people like live and find out, God is the one who will send his Spirit to make your Christian life a reality.  The Holy Spirit will open your mind as you search the Scriptures or as a friend shares God’s word with you.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s message taken from Ephesians 5 – the fourth in our Lenten series – Our Greatest Needs: Sight for the Blind.