Sun of Righteousness

The Sun of Righteousness rising with healing in its wings might not be a familiar picture, but to God’s Old Testament people, it was one that they looked forward to.  That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?  Who wouldn’t want to see that every morning?  I should give you a heads up that the topic this Sunday is the end of the world.  Yes, we are talking about the Last Day.  As soon as I mention that you might be wondering how this could be so positive?!  Remember there are TWO judgements that will happen on the Last Day.  The first is for Old Testament and New Testament Christians alike – the Sun of Righteousness, Jesus smiling on us, welcoming us into the mansions of heaven.  But there is another judgment to consider.

When was the last time you burnt dinner?  There are some people, my grandfather being one of them, who actually like some burnt food.  One example is burnt toast.  I don’t care for it myself, but a little char from the grill is delicious.  Let’s go a little darker.  As in the toast isn’t just burnt; there’s nothing left.  Think a turkey so burnt that there is no meat left, just black turkey leather.  The oven is on fire!  That might look bad, but it doesn’t touch the blast furnace that awaits those who have transgressed out holy God.  What can be difficult to understand for so many is why this message is necessary.  Can’t we just talk about the nice and kind God?  Not if we want to be honest to the testimony of Scripture.  Our God is a jealous God.  He is holy.  The picture is being set apart.  If he were to ignore sin, and all of its horror, he wouldn’t be holy any more.  He wouldn’t be God.

We need to hear from God’s law.  We need the warnings that he gives us because we sin in thought, word, and deed every day.  It is that combination of Law and Gospel that we are built up spiritually.  That is how we grow closer to our amazing God.

Want to hear more?  Watch this Sunday’s lesson taken from Malachi 4 – the Sun of Righteousness.