The Holy Ministry – Forgiven Messengers

The Holy Ministry – Forgiven Messengers might seem like we’re jumping into a topic with both feet.  Would the topic of sin be better handled with a toe dipped into the waters of Scripture?  That’s not how our God sees it!  We are all sinners because of the one trespass of Adam. When did that hit him like a ton of bricks? Was it when an angel kicked him and his wife out of Paradise? Maybe it was when his one of his sons killed the other. The curse of sin carries on even today, but so does the promise. Jesus is the promised Savior. We get to be his messengers of hope and forgiveness! The is the first Sunday that we will consider the Holy Ministry.

It certainly isn’t the clergy who make the ministry holy.  Pastors and teachers start everyday like every one else!  Each day is a gift of God’s grace.  His mercies are new every morning!  Making a list of productive things is a great idea, but the best way to start the day is at the cross.  Spend some time in worship of your God who has washed you clean in the waters of baptism.  He has prepared good works for you to do, but remember, the only way you can do ANY good work is out of thanks for what God has done for you.

Sound like a tall order?  It’s not.  Anything you set you hand to can be a good work, Christian.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s message taken from Romans 5 – The Holy Ministry – Forgiven Messengers

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