The Holy Ministry – Persecution

The Holy Ministry – Persecution looks rough.  Knowing that a life of temptation and hardship awaits the Christian doesn’t sound very appealing.  What kind of motivation would move someone to sacrifice his or her life?

Abram was the exalted father.  (That’s what his name means)  Everyone who knew him saw that he was blessed by God.  God made an outrageous promise to Abram.  He would be the father of many nations!  Included in that promise was the Savior of the world.

Abram changed his name.  He no longer would be the exalted father.  Now he was the father of many nations – just like God promised.  He was Abraham.  He would stop people and tell them of God’s promise and how it changed more than his name.  It changed his life!

Remember, Abraham believed God and God credited this faith to him as righteousness.  It is that same faith that we hold fast to.  It is that same faith that has carried centuries of Christians through every persecution imaginable!

Consider how many sins we have committed!  That’s hard to grasp.  But the promise made to Abraham helps us.  How many stars are there in the sky?  Try and count them some night?  Your sins are more numerous than those stars!  All of those sins have been paid for by the blood of Jesus!.  You are free and forgiven!

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