Time in the Vineyard

Do you have the time?  I don’t know that many people who wear a wrist watch anymore.  People just use their phones.  In the same way there are a few of you who still use one of these, a hanging calendar.  For all of the advances in electronic calendar, how are we are using our time?  Where should your time go?  For the Old Testament Jews 1/7 of their week was a mandatory rest day.  Rest for their bodies and their souls.  That said, you’ve heard me say that daily devotions are of the highest importance – not that weekly corporate worship with the rest of the body of believers isn’t important, but what if you only took time to feed your body once a week?  You’d starve.  Take time to feed your souls.

In our series in the vineyard, we’re going to look at time, talents, and treasures.  Of those three, the one that is in the shortest supply for my flock in 2020 is time.  I consider my own family and all of you, and marvel at all of the things that we do.  Most of the time these are good, but when we do so much that our relationships start to struggle, maybe we’re doing too much?

What’s difficult about this is that even though we have very sophisticated means to measure time, often we still don’t have a good grip on how we spend it.  One of the best ways that I’ve seen is to break your week down into 21 blocks.  I’m not so concerned with how you fill these, but that you carve out one of them for your God.  Normally that’s a Sunday morning – at least for those of you here.  From there work backward in order of importance of your relationships.  If you’re married, that’s your spouse.  I know that work will take you away so that even 7 of the 21 will be a challenge to fill.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s message taken from Matthew 20.  This message is the first in our stewardship series Time In The Vineyard.