Jesus is our VICTORIOUS King, but he doesn’t always look that way.  Ascension is a unique holiday because as one of the three great historical festivals of the ancient church it was a highlight of year.  Ascension is the coronation of our VICTORIOUS King!  Another unique aspect of Ascension is how it is not commercialized.  This is kind of a mixed detail.  It’s good that we don’t have a commercialized holiday that is confused with traditions can marketing.  There are no Ascension day sales on Amazon.  But it’s also difficult to invite people to an Ascension party at your house.  Anyone and everyone in America might find a seat in a church at Christmas.  That’s a great opportunity to reconnect with people.

It’s important to remind people that we are in a great battle.  I’m not talking about Russian and the Ukraine; I’m talking about the war that Satan wages for your soul and mine.  We may not realize it with all of our everyday struggles.  The enemy isn’t our spouse, kids, boss, or a high inflation rate.  The enemy is Satan – the accuser, who knows that if he can destroy any relationship or opportunity in your life – he can destroy your relationship with your Savior and God.  The devil is the prince of this world.  All people who live on this world are behind his enemy lines.  His weapons are powerful and destructive.  First temptations of lust, greed, and pride, and then after a sin has been committed, it’s guilt.  His final lie is that we are lost forever – beyond all hope; we are unlovable.  We cannot escape his prison of death on our own.  Our King has conquered death.

Yet I’m betting that the picture of our Savior could still be a little disturbing.  Skim through it with me.  He make war and judges with justice, his omniscient blazing eyes see everything, his robe is dipped in blood, the sword from his mouth strikes down the nations.  He will rule them with an iron scepter.  Finally he treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty.  It’s frightening.  This picture isn’t that of the the Good Shepherd, but the conquering general.  When I say let us follow him – it’s not because if we don’t he’s going to tread us under foot – we don’t follow in fear, but in joy and thanks for what God has done for us.

Want to hear more?  Watch this weeks message taken from Revelation 19 – VICTORIOUS King.