Water to Wine

How does changing water into wine rate on the importance scale… compared to curing a child with an autoimmune disease… compared to raising someone from the dead… compared to giving sight to a blind man… how does this compare to casting out demons?  It’s not very important, and yet to that couple who was experiencing a hitch on the wedding day, it was kind of a big deal.  Brides, you plan for a whole year for the one day, you want it to go smoothly.  When Jesus produced his first batch of wine he showed he cared.  And I don’t think it’s out of line for you to think that if Jesus can fix a little hick-up at a wedding, he surely cares about new tires on my car, or landing the job you really want.  We know that Jesus can do the big miracles like rising from the dead, but do we doubt Jesus’ power to heal a little child’s pet?  When that little girl prays to Jesus before she goes to bed asking that her little muffin gets all better, the Almighty God hears that request and then carries it out for that little girl’s eternal good.  Little miracles prove that Jesus cares.

This, the first of his miraculous signs, Jesus performed at Cana in Galilee. He thus revealed his glory, and his disciples put their faith in him.

Changing water into wine was the first miracle that Jesus did.  The Holy Spirit inspired the Apostle John to call it a sign – that is people saw it as a proof that Jesus was God.  Even though I have been calling Jesus’ miracle of water to wine little, anyone who can change the molecular structure of water into the best wine the world has ever seen fits the description in the first couple of verses from John’s Gospel as the one through whom everything was made.  After witnessing that and tasting the wine, I would believe that Jesus is God who created the world.  And if that is true so are the claims that he is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.  Little miracles prove that Jesus saves.

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