Wipe Those Tears Away

Wipe those tears away!  A little boy is sitting outside his front door in tears because no one wants to play with him.  A teenage girl sobs in her pillow because a boy of whom she was fond has rejected her.   A child writhes in agony from the painful pressure of his earache.  A football player sits on the bench with a towel over his head.  He fumbled the ball on the last drive costing his team the game.  A young woman presses her head against a steering wheel in complete despair as she struggles with the reality that while no one was hurt in the car accident that just occurred her car has been mortally wounded.  A son lands his first job out of college, and a daughter slowly steps down the aisle with her father in arm.  All of these children have at least one thing in common.  Not all of the examples I’ve just mentioned are bad, but as long as they live in the same sinful world as you and me all of these people will experience loss and heartache.  This week our God call out to us, Wipe those tears away!

No one here would argue that we are not in heaven.  We still endure tears, death, sorrow.  While we are here God gives us gifts of his grace to help us struggle through this sinful world.  I gave you good examples from this veil of tears to start the sermon because not EVERYTHING in this life is terrible all the time.  What is the clearest way we see God’s love for us?  God so loved the world that he gave us a big screen TV?  No, he sent his son –  To tell you this.  To tell you how much he loves you – he didn’t use angels, his divine messengers.  He used, in many cases, moms and dads, friends.  While God has promised to wipe every tear away in heaven, here on earth, God so often uses the people around us to comfort us and care for us.  The relationship we enjoy with God is wonderful.  Just think how much better it will be when God replaces this relationship with a perfect one in heaven.

This is the time to remember those who have gone before us.  They are not gone.  Those who dies in Christ are alive!  We feebly struggle – they in glory shine.  You are part of the church militant – we struggle with our own sin and temptations.  They are part of the church triumphant.  One day you will see them again in glory!  Until that glorious Last Day – wipe those tears away.

Want to hear more about our heavenly home?  Watch this week’s message taken from Revelation 21.

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