Witness to the Nations

Being a witness is pretty easy, isn’t it?  “Just tell us what you saw.”  Being a witness to the nations might seem like a huge job, but before you pack your bags, understand that not everyone can leave everything and go to a foreign country to start mission work.  Our church body walks together in doctrine and practice.  We also walk together in our efforts for mission work.  Back in 2019 there was a funding drive to build a seminary in Vietnam.  The government had invited our church body to come and train pastors.  This is an awesome and bizarre development.  Vietnam is a communist country.  Normally that isn’t a recipe for a friendly environment for the gospel.

We’ll talk more about God opening doors for his church and his word, but for now we rejoice that this opportunity exists.  At the end of the sermon I highlighted the ministry of a Pastor Long from the Hmong Fellowship Church (HFC).  You can read more about his story and other pastors from Vietnam HERE.

Being a witness isn’t all peaches and cream!  It is a great comfort to know that our Lord Jesus is the one who has commanded us to go forward with his word.  This isn’t my idea.  This is God’s idea.  Remember that when you are about to open your mouth to share a word of comfort or rebuke.  God is the one speaking through you.  If you’re on the fencing doubting if your efforts will really work or not, know that I’ve been there too.  I handle God’s word professionally!  And sometimes when people hear the word of God and believe, I’m surprised!  I shouldn’t be, of course, I have God’s promise.  This happened to the eleven disciples just before Jesus ascended into heaven too!  If God can use them, and if God can use me, I have no doubt that there is a place for you in his harvest fields.  Want to hear more?  Watch this Sunday’s message taken from Matthew 28, the first in our series Witness for Christ: Witness to the Nations.