Focused on Service

We are focused on service this week.  If you listen to the first part of this week’s message, you’ll hear in detail all that Abraham did for God – that’s all good.  God allowed Abraham to do it after all.  God didn’t need Abraham’s hospitality.  This was something that Abraham needed to do for God.  It’s a thankful heart.

When we come for worship wearing our best, knowing that we are walking into the presence of our holy God, God doesn’t need our songs of praise, our presence in person or online, our gifts that we bring – don’t stop there our service goes beyond what we do on a Sunday morning.  Paul talks about our life as our spiritual act of worship.  That’s not the most important part.

If you walk into worship you bring your best, but you also bring your sin, maybe you’re in Sarah’s shoes and you’re bitter.  Maybe you’re broken from living in a veil of tears.  God WANTS you to bring all that too!

We confess in the Augsburg confession, God wants to be worshipped through faith so that we receive from him those things he promises and offers.

God promises us his love and forgiveness.  He does so through the means of grace.  This is how he pours his love into our hearts – when we listen to his promises, when we come to the Lord Supper, when we are washed in the water and word in baptism.

Maybe an easily overlooked point to all of this is the baby to be born one year from the visit of our traveling guests wasn’t just a dream come true for Sarah.  This was a promise kept for the nations.  All nations of the world would be blessed through this child.  This was the heir of the Savior.  Is anything too hard for the Lord? (Genesis 18:14)

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s message taken from Genesis 18, the second in our series Focused.