Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards are part of the most wonderful time of the year.  The tradition can be traced back to Germany.  Christmas cards were popularized in the 1840s by Queen Victoria.  These days Christmas cards are so popular that 45% of all cards sent are Christmas cards!  Check out this week’s Bible class to see a brief discussion, not on Christmas cards, but on the Christmas greeting we put on the Christmas card.

Many of you have sent us cards – thank you.  Have you ever seen a letter summarizing the year now past with a crossword puzzle?  Billy’s favorite profession football team is 5 across.  Johnny’s least favorite subject was 4 down.  Suzy’s new American Girl doll’s name is 3 across.  I enjoy all puzzles and games, but these can be hard to figure out if you don’t know the people very well, so after a couple moments of thought I give up, look at the pictures once more and throw the card on the pile.

To many people Jesus is a very tricky puzzle.  What do you do with him?  Do you throw him on the pile of all religions in the world?  Is his a nice guy – there are some people that actually worship him, like all of you.  Others hang a cross from the rearview mirror and that’s it.  Some see him as the devil – who has caused more problems than Jesus.  The last verse of our text says… 43 Thus the people were divided because of Jesus.

Where do you find yourself?  Back in Jesus day there were some who saw Jesus as the “prophet” foretold by Moses back in Deuteronomy 18.  Others saw Jesus as the promised Messiah, the Christ.  This was not a popular stand to take.  In the verses following our text we see Nicodemus, a Pharisee, defend Jesus.  He was criticized for doing so.  Finally there were those who rejected Jesus completely.

Want to hear more?  …including a comment on our Christian society and the dangers to our faith we face as Christians in 2021?  Watch this week’s message taken from John 7.  Jesus is a puzzle solved only in the Bible.