Committed to Christ

Are you committed to Christ?  In Sunday’s sermon Luke 9 sermon text we considered the three would-be followers of Jesus AND the barriers to our commitment to Jesus.  We needed to spend some time talking about abortion.

THIS is the story of Kendall and Olivia, and their parents Brooke and Billy who would have killed them through abortion had the Texas heartbeat bill not have gone into effect hours before she found out she was pregnant.  If you’re thinking, this doesn’t sound like a very good pro-choice article, I agree.  It shows two kids who are trying to raise their children.  In a few moments we will pray for their young family and millions of young lives that will be saved.

If you weren’t aware on Friday the Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade.  This decision does not ban abortion across the country – it moves the question of the legality of abortion back to the states.  I think part of what makes abortion confusing is that the terms for abortion are softened.  Many people in our nation don’t believe the unborn have rights or are human.  That’s simply not true.  What happens when a pregnancy is ended by a woman?  One of our poets said it this way, a safe abortion is where only one person dies.  Since 1973 63 million babies have bee killed through abortion.  I know there are all kinds of exceptions that some would like to raise on the topic, but the reality for so many people is that it’s a matter of convenience.  People like this lady are horrifying.  And if she is ever faced with the gravity of killing 21 of her own children – the guilt would be crushing.

Yet, no sin is so great that our God can’t forgive it.  I don’t know that you can have a constructive conversation with anyone on social media; it’s not a good forum for discussion.  But in the relationships God has given you, you can use reason – killing babies for convenience is bad, and you can use God’s word – it is through the word that God changes hearts – no matter what the law of the land might be.

This is where we need to go back to Scripture.  Is it through the word that we see just how far we have fallen short from the complete commitment that Jesus requires.  It’s through the word that we see Jesus complete commitment to us.  Remember he’s not walking to Jerusalem for his health.  This journey would end with his execution and in doing so he would pay for your sin and mine.  It is as forgiven followers that we can commit our lives to our Lord.

On that note – there will be a lot of babies who will be alive and they will need your help.  Our church body offers an organization called Christian Life Resource with resources about life issues, life abortion and end of life topics as well.  But for the highly committed Christ followers here in Winston Salem, please consider checking out Salem Pregnancy Care Center.  They offer medical services to new mothers – abortion is not on that list.

This week look for ways to share the love of Jesus.  Amen.