Define Christian – Seek Spiritual Wealth

Define Christian – Seek Spiritual Wealth can be difficult to understand.  For so many people in America, money makes the world go round.  For the Christian, that simply isn’t the case.  The Christian knows that the treasure we have shouldn’t be hidden or horded.  We give this spiritual treasure away like candy!

Forest Fenn thirteen years ago wrote a poem called The Thrill of the Chase.  In it he put details of where he hid a million-dollar treasure.  The bronze chest weighs 20 pounds and the contents weighed another 22 pounds!  Why – he wanted people to get out into the wilderness and experience the Thrill of the Chase!  That’s great n’ all, but many people have reportedly sold everything they had and never found anything.  Four people have lost their lives looking in places they shouldn’t have.  The good new is that someone found it!  Back in June someone found the treasure.  They asked Fenn what his reaction was to people finding it and he said he was happy for the person who found it – who wisely wanted to remain anonymous.  But he was sad because the chase is over.  Interestingly enough, Fenn died just a few months after the treasure was discovered.

Nothing would make God happier if people found the treasure that he has hidden on the pages of Scripture.  It’s readily available everywhere books are sold.  Consistently it’s one of the most purchased and read books.  Could God use you to bring our new treasures and old?

Last week I was at Camp Chi Rho and new and old treasures were offered to the youth of our district who gathered in the Shenandoah River Valley for some time in God’s word and with fellow Christians.  That time of growth was incredible!  Please click HERE to learn more about this camp.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s message taken from Matthew 13 – the first in our summer sermon series Define Christian – Seek Spiritual Wealth.