Define Christian – Rest in Jesus

Define Christian – Rest in Jesus is the second sermon in our summer series.  How do you like to get your rest?

The last two weeks in June I was in a cabin in the woods seeing family.  There was fishing, water sports, and catching up with the people that I care about but rarely get to see.  It’s good – I would even say it’s God pleasing – to take time and rest.  One topic that always comes up when it’s vacation time in my house is, should I take my pillow?  That might seem like a minor detail, but for kids – or dogs – traveling across country, that can make a big difference on their comfort level and their ability to rest.

Now might be a good time to talk about what rest is and what rest is not.  When I was a lad, I was commanded by my folks to take a nap.  I have ALWAYS hated naps.  I felt like I was missing out on fun!  As ludicrous as that might sound for you, I found a way around the naps.  All I needed to do was to rest – by putting a puzzle together, by playing a game, by reading a book, do you see where I’m going.  Inevitably, I would be checked on and I was told that my activities weren’t exactly the same as a nap and I still needed to take a nap.

My quiet activities might have been resting to one degree or another, but technically my folks wanted me to be unconscious for my nap – not playing.  There are other faiths that might look like Christianity, but unless they offer Jesus in all his perfection, in all his divinity.  If Jesus didn’t die, and if he didn’t physically rise from the dead, it’s not spiritual rest.  Please click HERE to find our recently completed Bible study series on Christian Witnessing – including what to say to cults.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s message taken from Matthew 10 – the second in our summer sermon series Define Christian – Rest in Jesus.